European Legal Expert Says Vaccine Mandates Are the Beginning of a ‘Social Credit System’ – The Reason Europeans Are Standing Up

Gateway Pundit

There is a massive movement going on in Europe right now of tons of people, hundreds of thousands, millions actually who are very much aware of what’s at stake here.  These people are aware of the fact that our constitutional rights are being set aside without an end date and that we’re heading towards a new system, a tyrannical regime of mass surveillance and control.  

Report: 19 Federal Agencies Spying on Americans With Religious Exemptions!


“As the nation’s largest employer, with over four million civilian and military employees, the federal government has received tens of thousands of religious exemption requests. It now appears that an increasing number of federal agencies are keeping and preserving those individuals’ names, religious information, personally identifying information. . . . 

Airline CEOs Claim the Rollout of 5G Will Cause ‘Catastrophic Disruption’

PJ Media

In a letter sent to U.S. transportation and economic officials by airline CEOs, the companies are warning that the launch on Wednesday of 5G service by AT&T and Verizon could ground flights and leave “tens of thousands of Americans” stranded overseas.  The launch of 5G has been delayed two weeks because of concerns over interference with some safety features on airplanes related to the operation of the altimeter. . . .