Uncertain Times? Not At All!

I have referenced an April LifeWay poll before but it takes on even more meaning now. It revealed that a “vast majority of pastors see end times in our current events.” Are they talking about this from their pulpits and re-assuring their people? I do not think so.   Are they sharing about our glorious future, giving assurance to people? How about talking about the “blessed hope” now that hope in the world is fading?

The Top 10 Bible Prophecy Stories of 2019

There was a time when news of last days’ significance was sporadic. I could easily do a weekly radio program and hit the highlights of the week in an hour or two on air. In the last decade, that has all changed. Now, when trying to prepare a new message on the signs of the times, I find myself having to leave out information due to volume. Some things just have to be set aside.