Trending Towards the Tribulation: 7 Indicators To Watch

But in the last few years, things are happening so quickly that observers of the times can’t keep up. It’s as though the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are now out of the barn, but they can’t make their global appearance until the Church is called Home in the Rapture. The Bible is clear that we will be with Jesus in Heaven before these riders begin their deadly trek across planet earth.

Here is a very short list of things I am noting in this year of 2022, indicating time is winding down and we will be whisked away very soon.

Tribulation Rising: The Globalists Need a War

On March 15, a popular new song was released about Zelensky titled, “Can One Man Save the World?” While we must be careful about trying to name the Antichrist, it is clear that this man is drawing international attention, with aspirations given to him as a global leader.  Add to that, he is European, Jewish, and rose from obscurity. It would be safe to say he could be another “type” of the Antichrist as the true Antichrist will have these characteristics.