Olive Tree Ministries’ Mission Statement: Our purpose is to help people understand the times according to the Bible, contend for the faith in Jesus Christ, and help the Church stand against deception as watchmen on the wall in these last days.

We encourage Christians to stand by Israel
In May 1948, the year Israel became a nation and the “dry bones” of Ezekiel 37 came together, we believe something eternally significant took place in the heavenlies. The rebirth of Israel is the greatest miracle in the last 2,000 years. Israel remains God’s Chosen People, in spite of the fact that there are factions of the Church that embrace the belief that the Church today is the new Israel. Even once-solid denominations now embrace this. It is spurred on by major radio ministries, teachers, and authors who denounce Israel and the Jewish people.

Today the Middle East — and Israel in particular — is the epicenter of world attention. Indeed, the Bible indicates that it is the epicenter of the world and that as the end of the age draws near, it will demand increasing attention.

We exhort believers to earnestly contend for the faith
The Bible says that there will be a great falling away of the church as we approach the end of the age. The most frequent theme of e-mails into this ministry has to do with raging apostasy observed by Christians worldwide. It is a subject that demands ever-increasing attention.

We explain current world events in light of biblical prophecy

We need not be afraid of the events happening around us. As a premillenial ministry, we believe that the hour is late and that the ark door will soon shut — this time for the Rapture of the Church. We urge every Christian to, “be ready” for the Lord’s return. We do not set dates for His return, but we can watch and discern the “season” of it as we compare biblical prophecies with the preparation for end-time events we observe taking place in our world today.

Olive Tree Ministries accomplishes these goals in three ways:

It is as we meet these three goals that we enable the Body of Christ to be informed of the enemy’s devices so we are forearmed for battle as we continue proclaiming the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ while there is still time.