One Ship, a Few Horses But No Jews! – Olivier Melnick

The ship waited a while and then was forced to depart. It made it to the US Florida coast, but again, all passengers were denied landing. They tried further north in Canada to no avail. Eventually, the St. Louis turned around and sailed back to Europe. France, the Netherlands, Belgium and England each took about a quarter of the passengers as refugees. 254 of the passengers ended up perishing in the Holocaust.

Transhumanism: Marching Toward the Mark – Jonathan Brentner

If our world is not on a direct path to the fulfillment of Revelation 13, the only alternative is to assume that something with a most uncanny resemblance to the mark of the beast is coming our way.  In other words, if what the globalists’ propose for our world is not the prelude to the mark of the beast, I do not know what it would look like. The plans they have for our future fit like a glove with what the John wrote in Revelation 13:15-18:

The Wide Gate

What is the wide gate and the broad way? None other than the opulence plus extravaganza of the Church Growth Movement. There is a vast expanse of space for so-called praise and worship sessions. Speak of the atmosphere – much like a rock concert with the keynote preacher emulating a pop diva. The seating is almost packed to capacity; there are throngs that just desire the feel-good setting week in and week out.