America Put On Notice – AT&T Outage Warning Of Vulnerable Infrastructure

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What would we do if we suddenly couldn’t use the Internet or our phones any longer?  For a lot of people, such a scenario would be unthinkable.  In fact, it felt like the “world is ending” for many AT&T customers last week.  The disruption to AT&T’s network only lasted for a few hours, but it created quite a frenzy.  

Mark Levin: Schweizer’s ‘Blood Money’ Is ‘Jaw-Dropping’


He continued, “His new book, “Blood Money Why the Powerful Turned a Blind Eye While China Kills Americans” is stunning. It’s stunning in the breadth to which communist China owns our government. It’s stunning in the extent to which it affects our society. It is stunning by the fact that we have a president, the United States, and a family. As Peter has reported before, that basically has taken tens of millions of dollars from this government, which I think is one of the reasons why they don’t stand up to communist China.”

The Gaza War is a ‘Game Changer’ for the Church

All Israel News – Joel Rosenberg

Moving away from what remained of the former so-called “peace camp,” Israeli society is becoming markedly more conservative and is turning to religion, Bühler observed.  As the once universally-trusted Israeli army crumbled under the Hamas onslaught, Israelis stopped believing in the IDF’s leadership. At the same time, they have been seeing many miracles in the battles against Hamas.