AUDIO & VIDEO: Endgame: The New World Order (Part 1)

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Jan Markell spends the hour with filmmaker Curtis Bowers. His two-part DVD series “Agenda: Grinding America Down”, is found in our store. While America is flirting with Socialism and Marxism, a one-world government is in the making. Learn the history of the Progressive movement in America and their plan to take the leader of the free world down. The Antichrist awaits to pick up the pieces. We use the mobile app found at

Fear Not

Rapture Ready

There is a great amount of anxiety floating around. We are seeing the world falling apart in front of our eyes. When we don’t think people and society can get any worse, they do. This can create fear in the hearts and minds of believers. It begs the question of why? Why are some fearing the inevitable? These things we are witnessing at an exponential pace must pass as we await being taken up to be with our Lord and Savior Jesus.