Community braces for Round II of library’s Drag Queen Story Hour: ‘A weapon of mass devastation’ – Leo Hohmann

Drag queen story hours targeting children found to be prevalent in at least 27 cities in 20 states

It was a tense and chaotic scene at the South Hill Public Library in Spokane, Washington, last Saturday, June 15, and now both sides in this controversy are preparing for a second round of the Drag Queen Story Hour, which targets toddlers and pre-teens.

Beth Moore’s Beliefs on Homosexuality Are Called into Question in Open Letter from Bible Teachers

Nearly a half a dozen woman Bible teachers have called Christian author Beth Moore’s views on homosexuality into question this week.  In an open letter signed by Susan Heck, Debbie Lynne Kespert, Michelle Lesley, Martha Peace and Elizabeth Prata, the women ask Moore why she has not spoken out on the issue of homosexuality, despite being a loud voice against misogyny and racism.

National Religious Broadcasters on Brink of Bankruptcy & in Fight with Past President; ECFA Fails to Flag

By Julie Roys

For 75 years, National Religious Broadcasters(NRB)—the nation’s largest association of evangelical broadcasters with members like the Christian Broadcasting Network(CBN), Focus on the Family, and Moody Radio—has been a powerful lobbying group, ensuring that Christian communicators retain their First Amendment rights and access to radio, TV, and internet.