Surprise: New ‘Covid’ Bill Contains Billions Of Non Related Spending

Prophecy News Watch

But a top budget watchdog just warned that the budget-busting legislation, which costs roughly $13,260 per federal taxpayer, is full of spending that has nothing to do with the pandemic.   “Only about 1 percent of the entire package goes toward COVID vaccines, and 5 percent is truly focused on public health needs surrounding the pandemic”. . . . . 

“Our Beloved Rush Has Returned His Talent to God” – Rush Limbaugh Producer Bo Snerdley Breaks Down While Discussing his Old Boss

Gateway Pundit

Limbaugh’s longtime producer Bo Snerdley (James Golden) went on with Hannity to discuss his old boss on Thursday night.  Bo Snerdley choked while paying tribute to his old boss, “Our beloved Rush has returned his talent to God… Rush Limbaugh was one of the finest human beings you’d ever want to meet… It burns me to my soul when people sully his reputation with falsehoods.”