Waiting and Watching

Jonathan Brentner – Rapture Ready

Waiting is difficult! Whether we’re waiting for cold symptoms to subside, a job offer, or a storm in our life to end, it’s never fun waiting (to say the least).

It’s also not easy waiting for Jesus to take us home to heaven as He promised in John 14:2-3. Yet I know so many of you, like me, have been waiting decades for His appearing.


As impeachment heads to Senate, Franklin Graham shreds Dems and liberal media for ‘hatred’


‘American voters see through these lies and through this never-ending charade’

“It’s sad that never has there been such a level of hatred as there has been for Donald Trump from the Democrats and the liberal media. Why? It may be because he hasn’t bowed down to them — he hasn’t cowed to the media or to Nancy Pelosi and they can’t stand it,” wrote Graham…..