What the Arrest of Daniel Penny is All About

American Thinker

Daniel Penny’s arrest for intervening to stop a clearly deranged career criminal sends a loud message: only a fool would risk being a good Samaritan, especially since the culprit’s unseen physical condition from drug abuse may put him on the edge of death. Nearly everybody remembers drug-addled George Floyd. Chronic addicts may only require a gentle nudge to enter the hereafter. Meanwhile seemingly harmless crazy person may be armed with a gun or knife . . . 

Artificial Intelligence – Hal Lindsey

A recent poll showed that half of them admit that they believe AI has at least a 10% chance of causing the extinction of the human race.  Anyone who thinks 10% is a small chance should consider his own life. Would you buy a car if you knew its brakes had a 10% chance of failure? Would you prepare a meal that stood a 10% chance of killing your children or your grandchildren?

VIDEO: It’s Almost Over — The Times of the Gentiles


Jan Markell spends the hour with Trevor Rubenstein and Olivier Melnick. The Times of the Gentiles are winding down, but what does that mean? The most significant last days’ prophecies surround Israel and the Jews, which is why they are under attack. What is wrong with the Hebrew Roots Movement and Dual Covenant Theology? And why are most churches silent on these issues?

End of All Flesh? – Terry James

Like most who study Bible prophecy, I’ve thought the world’s nuclear arsenals would bring humankind to the brink of total annihilation as described here by the Lord. This, of course, could still be the case. Just one of America’s nuclear-equipped submarines, it is said, has more firepower within its hull than all of the explosives detonated in World War II—including the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Can you imagine what devastation all-out nuclear war could unleash?