AUDIO & VIDEO: It’s Later Than You Think

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Jan Markell and Pastor Billy Crone make the case that because the Tribulation Temple is ready to be rebuilt, the hour is much later than people think. This is Antichrist’s temple. Crone reports that the Ark of the Covenant has been spotted underground. Hear this fascinating report. Find Crone’s DVD set in our store. Find our mobile app at

Moses and Elijah – Islam’s Greatest Friend in the Day of the Lord!

It will be also during the first half of the “seven year tribulation” (after the Rapture) that countless Muslims from Egypt, Libya, Turkey, Syria, Gaza, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Iran etc. will come to a SAVING KNOWLEDGE of the Messiah of Israel by the preaching and teaching of the Two Witnesses of Israel (i.e., MOSES and ELIJAH). It will be MOSES and ELIJAH that will be the CATALYST to bringing countless Muslims to the saving knowledge of the Messiah (Jesus Christ) via the 144,000 Jewish evangelists (Rev. 7:1-10).