How We Can Overcome the Smug ‘Pride’ Agenda

Linda Harvey: Mission America

The school’s homosexual/transgender club (that would be 5 to 11- year-olds) had organized the event. Yes, that’s where we are, folks– at least in Oregon.  Oh, but wait. In America’s heartland, Indiana has its own outrageous “pride” grooming event planned for youth ages 12 to 20, where no parents will be allowed. That’s right. Predators are officially demanding for people to hand over their children.

The Coming One-World Religion

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We’ve discussed in detail the fact that millions, realizing full well they missed the Rapture, will be martyred for their newly found embrace of Biblical Christianity. That still leaves billions of other non-Believers dying of starvation. You could easily see them being forced to do a lot of things just to have food to eat.

European-Level Taxes Coming to America If US Keeps Up Unsustainable Spending

Daily Signal

Compared to Western Europe, the American middle class has it pretty good when it comes to taxes. Of course, that’s more of an indictment on Western European governance than it is an endorsement of the U.S. tax system. And, unless Washington changes its big-spending ways, the U.S. middle class soon will face similar astronomical taxes.

Yoga opens ‘demonic doors’ to ‘evil spirits,’ warns ex-psychic

Christian Post

While some think of yoga as a form of exercise or a way to clear the mind, others view it as a “demonic door” that opens its practitioners to and oppression.  For former psychic-turned-Christian Jenn Nizza, yoga was once a ritualistic exercise she purposely used to connect to evil spirits. After leaving the occult and turning to Christ, Nizza is using her platform to speak out against the idea that yoga is simply all fun and innocent movements.