Pipeline Ransomware Attack Fuels Gas Station Shortages, Long Lines


Later Monday, North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper declared a state of emergency, suspending vehicle fuel regulations to help alleviate the shortage.  By Monday evening, Psaki issued a statement acknowledging gas supply shortages.

“The Administration is continually assessing the impact of this ongoing incident on fuel supply for the East Coast,” she wrote.

John MacArthur Says Culture Is ‘Weaponized to Destroy Children’


“What we’re facing today is fierce, I will confess, [but] of all the things that disturb me in this culture, of all the horrific, sinful, wretched, wicked, corrupt influences that go on in this culture,” MacArthur said, “I think the thing that distresses me most is the war on children.”

“This culture is weaponized to destroy children,” he added. “It’s systematically designed to do that.”

Michigan Rep.: Biden Admin. Busing and Flying Illegal Immigrants Up to My City – They’ll Do It to Yours, Too

CNS News

“Number two, where it’s coming to a city near you is, because the border patrol are spending so much time dealing with all these families that are crossing illegally, they have no time to protect the border.  “So, what do you think is coming in? Fentanyl, cocaine, heroin – and I can assure you, that’s coming to a city near you.”

The Inflation Tsunami Is Starting To Worry Many Economic Experts

Prophecy News Watch

I have written quite a few articles about how home prices have been soaring into the stratosphere, and now rents are escalating rapidly as well. In fact, one of the largest landlords in America just raised rents on vacant properties by 11 percent.  On Thursday, American Homes 4 Rent, which owns 54,000 houses, increased rents 11% on vacant properties in April, the company reported in a statement  All throughout the economy we see prices going up by double digits.