Muslim Community Patrol: Sharia Law Coming To Community Near You

Prophecy News Watch

The Muslim patrol originally had a force of three patrol cars when it first formed in November 2018, but it now has seven cars on the streets of New York with the intention of purchasing 23 more cars in the near future.   The Muslim patrol’s cars are nearly identical to NYPD patrol cars. Both use Ford Taurus’ and have similar decal schemes, colors and emblems.  See image below:

Time Mag Chooses Greta Thunberg Over Millions Fighting Oppression in Iran, Venezuela, and Hong Kong


Meanwhile the millions of people in Iran, Venezuela, and Hong Kong, fighting for freedom were ignored by the same media that once glamorized Arab Spring Islamist protesters. Christians fighting Communism, starving Venezuelans fighting Socialism, and Persians fighting Shiite theocracy, are not the media’s idea of the kinds of causes it wants to promote.