Teacher Defends Drag Queen Makeup Class: Parents ‘Don’t Know What’s Best’ for Their Children


“I’ve got a problem when somebody with a false name enters a school and has advertised himself as an adult exotic dancer for men…Nobody would be allowed in a school under those circumstances,” said Conroe ISD trustee Dale Inman.

But teachers within the surrounding school district believe that parents shouldn’t have as loud of a voice when it comes to these issues.

AUDIO & VIDEO: Satan’s Subtle Scheme to Silence Bible Prophecy


We play a conference message from Understanding the Times 2019 presented by Jan Markell: “Satan’s Subtle Scheme to Silence Bible Prophecy.” We offer complete sets of DVDs or CDs in our online store or by calling us. Other speakers: Robert Jeffress, Amir Tsarfati, JD Farag, Jack Hibbs, and Laurie Cardoza-Moore. This event was on September 21. Why have many churches silenced critical issues? We use the mobile app found at OnePlace.com.

Hungry for the Word, Starving in the Pews

Rapture Forums

Many Christians are starving Not because they have no food, but because the word of God is watered down and questioned by those who should be feeding the flock. That’s a sad comment on the preachers and teachers of today. They claim to have been called by God to stand in pulpits and lead a congregation, but many congregations are dying because they’re being starved.

Top 5 Excuses When Radicals Corrupt Children

Linda Harvey: Mission America

Progressives are busy smashing the innocence and dreams of our youth, but they aren’t doing it without thought. They have their reasons.

They are ultimately ungodly and foolish reasons revealing base instincts, flawed values, the direct influence of the demonic realm, or all of the above. 

What are the explanations? Here’s a list of their most frequent excuses.