False Hope and Real Damage of Coronavirus Lockdown

Canada Free Press

How many people have to die as a result of the cure before we are unwilling to admit that the lockdown policies were wrong, and caused more damage than the virus ever could have?

Life in these United States, and around the world, for that matter, have taken a turn for the worst.  Government forces at all levels have placed us into martial law by another name.  Your Constitutional Rights, we have been told, have been suspended for the time being in order for us to combat COVID-19.  But don’t worry, they assure us, the suspension of your rights is only temporary.

RED NOVEMBER: How the Democratic Party Has Brought America to the Brink of Socialism


He soon earned the endorsements of three of four members of the freshman “Squad,” who proudly owned the “democratic socialist” label once considered taboo.  One would be hard-pressed to explain Joe Biden’s current leftward political trajectory without recognizing the impact Sanders’ movement played on moving the party, and the presumptive nominee, across old “moderate” political boundaries . . . .