DOJ Silent As Increasing Number Of Churches & Pro-Life Organizations Vandalized

Normally, the DOJ is quick to rebuke and launch investigations into attacks that damage, deface, or destroy places of worship, since this type of criminal activity is specifically designated as a hate crime. But the Biden administration has made it clear that when it comes to abortion, any type of behavior, including threats against Supreme Court justices, is acceptable as long as it is in favor of killing unborn babies.

Are We Being Set Up For The Great Delusion? Congress Opens Hearings On UFO’s

Prophecy News Watch

And I think that it says a lot that the power structures in our society are now treating this topic very seriously.  At this point, even CNN is admitting that UFOs are no longer being “relegated to the fringes of public policy”.    Key lawmakers warned at a House hearing on Tuesday that unidentified aerial phenomena — popularly known as UFOs — must be investigated and taken seriously as a potential threat to national security.

One Ship, a Few Horses But No Jews! – Olivier Melnick

The ship waited a while and then was forced to depart. It made it to the US Florida coast, but again, all passengers were denied landing. They tried further north in Canada to no avail. Eventually, the St. Louis turned around and sailed back to Europe. France, the Netherlands, Belgium and England each took about a quarter of the passengers as refugees. 254 of the passengers ended up perishing in the Holocaust.