Millions Missing: Who’s to Blame?


Jan Markell talks to Pastor Billy Crone for the hour. We carry his new book, “UFOs, the Great Last Days’ Deception” found hereUfology is a new religion today with more people believing in aliens than in God. Will this be the convenient excuse for missing people after the Rapture of the church? Crone exposes their hidden demonic agenda which should be a reminder as to their origins. We use the mobile app found at

Fox’s Bret Baier Draws the Line: Sean Hannity is a Problem

American Thinker

To my knowledge, this criticism by Baier of Hannity or to put it more accurately his distancing himself from his Fox News colleague – however slight – is the first time Baier has publicly registered such an adverse opinion of a Fox News colleague. One would therefore have to add him to the list of other Fox News news department hosts, Chris Wallace and Shep Smith, who have been even more vocal and direct in their criticism of Hannity and others on the opinion side of the channel.

Because it Just Has to be Said

Bill Wilson – Rapture Ready

Does anyone remember how the ex “president” supported the overthrow of Libya by backing al Qaeda fighters there—many of which had returned from Iraq where they killed American soldiers? Or how about the mess he created in Egypt by supporting a so-called “democratic” Muslim Brotherhood overthrow of Egypt’s government; or the civil war in Syria by supporting not only the Muslim Brotherhood, but also the Islamic State, al Qaeda and other terrorist groups? Then came the Iran deal with $100 billion in cash delivered on pallets with no restrictions on how it was spent.