AUDIO & VIDEO: Prophecy Derangement Syndrome

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Jan spends the hour with Pastor Brandon Holthaus and Pastor Tom Hughes. They discuss “Prophecy Derangement Syndrome”—the loathing or mocking of eschatology heavily coming from within the church. They play clips to back this up. How did this happen to this glorious message of hope? We use the mobile app found at

VIDEO: Globalism – The Ultimate Takeover – Eric Barger

While nations grapple with battling Coronavirus, the economic and emotional toll continues to mount. However, we can be certain that Globalist planners are reveling in the possibilities. They remain vigilant and focused on their one-world objective. Do we not know that among other casualties, personal freedoms, liberty, autonomy, and democratic self-rule would become ancient history under a worldwide system of centralized authority and control?

Hope Under Fire – Hal Lindsey

And today, as never before, the Bible is under assault. Even evangelical Christian ministers are denying major parts of the Bible. One of the world’s most influential preachers said the Church needs to “unhitch itself from the Old Testament.” While we should always emphasize the difference between law and grace, we have to remember that it is the Old Testament which verifies the New Testament. Jesus didn’t just pop in out of the blue.