This Christmas The Surveillance State Knows Whether You’ve Been Naughty Or Nice

Prophecy News Watch

Consider just a small sampling of the tools being used to track our movements, monitor our spending, and sniff out all the ways in which our thoughts, actions and social circles might land us on the government’s naughty list.   Tracking you based on your health status. In the age of COVID-19, digital health passports are gaining traction as gatekeepers of a sort, restricting access to travel, entertainment, etc., based on one’s vaccine status.

We Know Who Holds Our Future

Rapture Ready

There is little doubt that it is definitely nearing that glorious moment when we will be permanently transferred. Shadows of the upcoming hour of testing for the whole world are indeed gaining momentum. Nothing palatable about what is ongoing, but hang on, brothers and sisters in the Lord – it is at the tail end. We can safely say this because we get the overall picture. What a comfort!