VIDEO: Truth Matters

In this short video, Jill Martin Rische replies to questions and critics of a recent radio program on “Understanding the Times Radio.”  The program was aired starting August 10 and drew criticism in two areas. Jill skillfully replies to many who wrote or called her. View it at the link below or above. This was initially posted on our Facebook page at “Jan Markell’s Olive Tree Ministries.”  

Crash Of The ‘Everything Bubble’ Will Be Blamed On Trump & Conservatives

Prophecy News Watch

Dissecting mainstream media (MSM) information and sifting out the truth from the propaganda is really the bulk of what the alternative media does (or should be doing).  In the past couple of weeks I have received a rush of emails asking about the sudden flood of recession and economic crash talk in the media.  
Does this abrupt 180 degree turn by the MSM (and global banks) on the economy warrant concern?  Yes, it does.

The Crisis Of Faith We Are Seeing In Today’s Christians

There is a crisis of faith formation in the modern church. It has produced a generation of Christians with an emotionally based faith that is ill-equipped to respond to the intellectual challenges and objections raised by an increasingly secular society. The recent faith renunciations of several high-profile Christians are indicative of an endemic lack of rigorous philosophical and theological grounding.