Do We Have the Courage of this Jailed Canadian Pastor Who Refuses to Be Silent?

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Coates was tried in secret and sentenced to prison, according to his wife, but on the condition that he can be a free man if he agrees not to again violate the Covid restrictions by preaching to his congregation assembled illegally for worship. Coates, like Peter and John, refuses to be silent. Unlike Peter and John in Acts, Coates remains in jail.

VIDEO: Rock Harbor Church Prophecy Update

CommonPass Your New Digital Health Passport

It didn’t take long for the globalists to introduce a digital immunity passport. We are now faced with the prospects that we will need an immunity passports to travel. Will it stop at just travel? I would venture to guess that it won’t. It will eventually morph and incorporate an economic and tracking aspect with it, which will continue to set the stage for the tracking system in the Tribulation.

Days Most Excellent! – Hal Lindsey

In a recent newsletter, Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries, spoke of a woman calling in to a Christian radio program.  She told the minister hosting the show that the prophetic implications of current events terrify her.  

The host said, “For over 50-years, ever since the establishing of the State of Israel every six months we hear, it’s all coming down this week, and to me, it’s a just a huge distraction….  I would stop listening to and watching that, and just get into your Bible, and that will make you happy.”

One year later, death of American hero Philip Haney remains a mystery as FBI stonewalls investigation – Leo Hohmann

One year ago on Feb. 21, 2020, Haney’s body would be found on the side of a road in rural Amador County, about an hour southeast of Sacramento, California, where he was staying in an RV park. A bullet had pierced his chest.

The initial statement from the Amador County Sheriff’s Office indicated that Haney had taken his own life. The next day, on Feb. 22, that statement was walked back and Sheriff Martin Ryan, who doubles as the county coroner, said a full investigation was underway.