Christianity Today Gives Award To Book Mocking Genesis’ Account of Creation

Harbinger’s Daily

It’s sad, but not surprising, that Christianity Today gives an award to a book that undermines the authority of the Word of God. Indeed, Craig refers to Genesis as “mytho-history,” and in video interviews about his book, he even comes across as mocking the Genesis account of the creation of Adam and Eve and the fall if one takes the account as literal history.

The Time Shall Come – Jack Kinsella

Rapture Ready

The Olivet Discourse focuses its attention on events that take place DURING THE TRIBULATION but begins by describing the events that conspire together to bring it about.  The period of wars and rumors of wars has been ongoing now since 1914, with the first truly global war in human history. It was followed by a second global war in 1939, whose conclusion brought about the ultimate ‘rumor of war’ between the West and the Soviet Empire.