Why Progressives Are So Dangerous

Canada Free Press

Democrats are dangerous. They are not your father’s Democrats. They don’t believe in anything your parents believed in. They scream and yell or sit on the floor if they don’t get their way. What was once a small group of radicals in the sixties has now completely taken over the party. I don’t think there is a lucid member left.

Kudos Candice for a job well done

Canada Free Press

For those who missed it, Candice Owens testified before the Congressional hate crimes committee last week, and she ripped the Democrats a new one in her opening statement. The hate crimes committee was convened to examine “white nationalism” and “hate crimes”, and Candice blew that narrative out of the water in her opening statement:

AUDIO & VIDEO: Drowning in Deep State Delusion

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The Wise Shall Understand

By Pete Garcia

Back when I was at the Omega Letter where I had written for a number of years, many of us had looked (and still do) up to Jack Kinsella as not only a pastor, but also a mentor.  He provided a straightforward and simple understanding of not only Bible Prophecy, but of what it means to be a Christian living in these last days. Jack’s mentor was Hal Lindsey. Hal’s mentors were most likely men like Lewis Sperry Chaffer, Cyrus Scofield, and Clarence Larkin.  Larkin and Scofield picked up on what the Plymouth Brethren had been doing decades earlier, which was simply returning to a literal understanding of the Bible. Thanks to those men, we know that we are in that last church age that precedes the coming of our Lord.  (Laodicea)