Ten Minutes Till Doomsday

Jim Towers – Rapture Ready

On June 21 of this year, the President of the United States called off a pre-emptive strike on Iran in the final 10 minutes of preparation to do so. With all the players in place, president Trump called off the doomsday strike.

I refer to this strike as doomsday because Russia would most probably become involved after an attack on their good friend and ally Iran. This action would set off World War Three.

Global Earthquakes 3 Times Above Normal – Dozens More Hit The Ring Of Fire

Prophecy News Watch

Within the last 48 hours we have seen large earthquakes going off like firecrackers all along the Ring of Fire.  As you will see below, a magnitude 6.1 quake just hit Japan, a magnitude 6.6 quake just hit Australia and a magnitude 7.3 earthquake just hit Indonesia.  
And of course all of this comes just about a week after southern California was hit by the two largest earthquakes that it has experienced in more than two decades.  
So is all of this shaking unusual?