WAYNE ROOT: We are Living in a Bizarro, Twilight Zone, Zombie Apocalypse Nightmare. Exhibit A: Alejandro Mayorkas

In my opinion Alejandro Majorkas is the worst traitor in the history of America. He is evil personified. He is the devil. Or he is certainly taking his marching orders from Satan himself.  Majorkas makes Benedict Arnold (who gave the secret location of General George Washington to the British Army and was banned from America for the rest of his life) look like a petty pickpocket.

Why Does The World Seem To Be In A Constant State Of Crisis?

Prophecy News Watch

This is understandable. Over the past four years, we’ve endured COVID, the government response to COVID (lockdowns, passports, mandates, etc.), global supply chain issues, global inflation, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the October 7th Hamas attack on Israel, the shutdown of Red Sea shipping lanes, and numerous rumors of other major events set to break at any moment. So what’s next? 

Launched from Iran, Made in America


Despite the open violations of the Iran Deal, Biden allowed Iran to benefit from an agreement it was actively violating every single day even as it was attacking American soldiers and Israel. When Biden allowed Iran that latest $10 billion in sanctions relief, not only were US Navy personnel actively in combat with Iran’s Houthi terrorists . . . .