When Did Christian Beliefs Become Radical? – Ken Ham

Harbinger’s Daily

One of the observations I’ve made in recent times is that basic beliefs Christians have held to for 2,000 years (and the Israelites before them for hundreds more years!) are suddenly being portrayed as radical beliefs. At times, it’s as if those discovering that Christians hold to these beliefs are in shock that people could hold to these positions. Why is this happening?

WHO Decides — Bill Wilson

Rapture Ready

WHO has closed a chapter in one of the worst-managed pandemics in world history where mandated treatments arguably resulted in more deaths than COVID would have caused without them.   Effective treatments were forbidden. Doctors were censored and lost their jobs, Big Pharma made billions with unproven, unsafe, and ineffective vaccines. Government and business advanced propaganda vilifying anyone who refused the vaccines, and today refuse to admit that vaccine side effects are greater than any and all vaccines combined. WHO made this mess that will last generations.

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We looked at a dozen current event issues at our spring Understanding the Times Conference in suburban Minneapolis Thursday, May 11. How are events in the world—and the church—revealing that the hour is later than ever? Participants included Bill Koenig, Michele Bachmann, Pastor Mark Henry, and Jan Markell.