Former rescuer avoids jail by agreeing to indefinitely provide Biden admin with info on pro-lifers

A former pro-life rescuer has signed an agreement with the federal government that requires her to fully cooperate with the pro-abortion Biden administration whenever it calls upon her for information on pro-life operations.  The deal contains no time limit, and allows the government to resurrect FACE Act felony charges with years in prison if it deems the agreement has not been kept.

The Feast of Trumpets and The Rapture: Connections and Assumptions – Olivier Melnick

More books, articles and videos have been produced to prove that the Rapture will take place on Rosh Hashanah that I can count. There is no doubt that people are very interested in the Rapture, and they should, but can a date be set? The extent to which people go to calculate the date of the Rapture is mind-boggling. Let’s try to connect some dots.

‘Couldn’t be clearer’: U.S. Air Force chief warns China prepping for war ‘specifically’ with U.S.


Kendall said that the catalyst for a war with China would likely be Taiwan and evoked Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as an example of an international war with no easy solution, according to the press release. Kendall warned in a memo penned last week that, as quickly as China’s military has advanced, the United States is “not optimized for great power competition.”