A World Turned Upside Down – Jan Markell

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Why are we surprised? Prophecy watchers have been warning people for years that end-time events could be shocking, even before the Rapture. We have let people know that Tribulation events would cast a shadow on the Church Age as God gears up to close the Church Age. We have talked about the “birth pangs” of the last days for decades.

Coronavirus is being weaponized by Soros, others behind anti-Trump ads


The Chinese coronavirus is being weaponized by opponents of President Trump who will spend millions of dollars to oppose the president in several Midwest states.

Worldview Lessons From The Coronavirus: Celebs Sing “Imagine”

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Imagine no heaven or hell and the world will be as one . . . . 

But how could such a world-one where there is no Higher Power in control, and where there is no life beyond death, and which nothing outside of us exists to ground human dignity or morality, and where history is an unguided accident headed nowhere–bring us anything resembling a utopia?