We are to watch and pray for the Lord’s return. We will help you do so by keeping our eyes on the signs of the times and reporting them to you. Jesus chastised the Pharisees for not knowing the signs of the times in His day. So He wants to us know the signs today, for they instill in us hope for the future and encourage us to evangelize the lost while there is still time.

Will ‘Emergency’ Scenario Usher In Digital Currency Upon America

The director of the FBI recently went before Congress to warn that Chinese computer hackers are preparing to soon “wreak havoc and cause real-world damage” to our “water treatment plants, electric grid, and gas pipelines.” Even if I assume that our FBI director is sharing his honest concerns, the actions of the current administration betray the opposite. 

The Fig Tree Is Alive: Are We Among The Generation That ‘Shall Not Pass Away’?

In Matthew 24:32-35, Jesus said, “Now learn the parable from the fig tree…” In the middle of His teaching on Israel and all the things Israel will go through, He stops to tell His disciples: “Now listen, I want you to learn a parable from the fig tree.” In other words, He makes it clear that what He says about the fig tree is not literally about a fig tree; it’s a parable of the fig tree–a symbol of something different.

Global Explosion Of Hate – Another Sign Of The End Times

What we are witnessing is truly frightening.  In my entire lifetime, I have never seen as much hate as I have over the past few weeks.  It is almost as if a very large chunk of the global population has suddenly gone mad.  But of course all of this hate did not come out of a vacuum.   It has been simmering for many years, and now the war in the Middle East has brought it to the surface.