We are to watch and pray for the Lord’s return. We will help you do so by keeping our eyes on the signs of the times and reporting them to you. Jesus chastised the Pharisees for not knowing the signs of the times in His day. So He wants to us know the signs today, for they instill in us hope for the future and encourage us to evangelize the lost while there is still time.

Running Out of Time – Daymond Duck

I agree with what Stanford said, but here are some of my thoughts when I read it:

  • Christians are running out of time to get the gospel out, reach lost loved ones, give, serve, lay-up treasure in heaven, etc.
  • Cold and lukewarm Church members are running out of time to get saved and go to heaven.
  • Those that have heard the gospel, refused to believe it, accept Jesus, and repent of their sins, are running out of time to get saved before they are struck with strong delusion.

The Dangers of Neglecting Bible Prophecy in the Pulpit – Jonathan Brentner

Fear stands out as the key motive behind the silence. Pastors also say they do not understand prophecy, but do they take the time to learn or turn to those who do understand it?  Someone might ask: “Why does that matter? Does it really make a difference if preachers keep quiet on future things as long as they proclaim the Gospel with biblical clarity?”