November 3-4: Michele Bachmann and Phil Haney join Jan in-studio.

November 10-11: Jan plays five short interviews of her conference speakers: J.D. Farag, Amir Tsarfati, Jack Hibbs, Billy Crone and Eric Barger.

November 17-18:  Dr. Gary Frazier is Jan’s guest for the hour. They focus on deception-in-the-church issues. Much of today’s church is that of Laodicea and is filled with “Laodicean lies.”

November 24-25: Jan, Pastor Tom Hughes, and Pastor Mark Henry discuss the loneliness of remnant believers today. Many cannot find a church or remain in one that is unsound and that does not preach the whole counsel of God. What is the answer?


December 1-2: Carl Teichrib is Jan’s first guest as he just visited the Parliament of World Religions. Then Laurie Cardoza-Moore is our guest as she and Jan discuss the root of anti-Semitism: Replacement Theology in the church. Does the church understand the wreckage it has created by this false teaching?

December 8-9: Author Jeff Kinley is Jan’s first guest this hour. They discuss his new book, “Uncovering the Secrets of Bible Prophecy: 10 Keys for Unlocking What Scripture Really Says.”