December 2-3-4: Pastor Mark Henry subs for Jan for three weeks. This week’s guest is Michele Bachmann.

December 9-10-11:  Pastor Mark Henry considers COP27 and related issues. Why has earth worship replaced the worship of Father God for some? His guests include Pastor Tom Hughes and Alex Newman.

December 16-17-18: Pastor Mark Henry looks at paranormal gimmicks that are enticing Christians. His guests are Jill Martin Rische and Pastor Jason Carlson. What’s the Enneagram and why should we care that churches are rapidly embracing this?

December 23-24-25: This Christmas weekend we take a moment to honor the late Dr. Ed Hindson who went to Glory in 2022. His message on the signs of the times is insightful and a wonderful testimonial of Ed.

December 30-31-January 1:  We air the discussion between Pastor Jack Hibbs and Charlie Kirk on the approaching Great Re-Set. Will believers see this or is this the Tribulation?