April 6-7:  Jan’s guests include Carl Teichrib and Jill Martin Rische. Carl and Jan attended a “Paganicon” convention of — pagans. They report on it. How do we come against this darkness as believers?  Jan and Jill report on the paranormal including Tom Brady’s wife being a “good witch.”  Why is Walmart now a distributor of all things occult?

April 13 – 14: Our guest for the hour is Michele Bachmann. This is part 1 of 2-part programming.

April 20-21: Michele Bachmann returns in part 2 of 2-part programming.

April 27-28: Jan talks eschatology with Chad Thomas and Todd Hampson. How do we get doubters to have an interest–and particularly young people? Then Jan talks to Pastor Brad Brandon who is boots-on-the-ground in Nigeria ministering to persecuted Christians and Fulani Muslims open to the gospel.


May 4-5:  Jan’s guest is Jessica Smith, experienced in warning about Eastern religions invading the church and the West. Jessica and Jan discuss “Mindfulness,” contemplative prayer, centering prayer, breath prayers, and more. These practices are rooted in Buddhism and Hinduism.

May 11-12:  Leo Hohmann is one of our guests.  Islam has entered our Congress and is trying to establish national policy. Will they succeed? How are we funding the Leftist agenda without knowing it? What is the greater significance of the Notre Dame fire? How are evangelical leaders contributing to the alliance of Muslims and Christians? And what is the “red-green axis of evil”?

May 18-19: Curtis Bowers is in our studio with Jan Markell.