October 5-6:  We play a conference message from “Understanding the Times 2019.”

October 12-13: Our guest for the hour is Michele Bachmann. She and Jan analyze current trends, issues, and events and how they might relate to the Bible.

October 19-20: Brent Miller, Jr., introduces his new film, “Before the Wrath.”

October 26-27: Pastor Tom Hughes talks with Jan about the coming one-world religion. This is based on his chapter in the “Discerners” book edited by Terry James.  


November 2-3: Jan spends half the program with the “I Am a Watchman” Ministry leaders concerning the product they developed for after the Rapture, and then with Brigitte Gabriel.

November 9-10: Our first guest is author Jeff Kinley talking about today’s predicted strong delusion. Then Pastor Mark Henry joins the program to talk about some of the most troubling theologies that became prominent in 2019. What is “critical race theory”? Why has the EFCA abandoned premillenialism? And much more.

November 16-17: We play a second message from “Understanding the Times 2019.”

November 23-24: Jan Markell, Jill Martin Rische, and Eric Barger present a paranormal update. We are being saturated by the world of the paranormal. Unless you are forewarned, you or those you love will be forever harmed.