March 2 -3: Part 2 of our two-part series on The Worship WarsWhat are the issues with “Jesus Culture,” “Hillsong,” Bethel music, and other groups that are not presenting sound lyrics or theology?

March 9-10: Jan spend the hour with Pastor Billy Crone talking about end-time issues in the news.

March 16-17: Our guest for the hour is Pastor J.D. Farag.

March 23-24: Jan’s guest for the hour is Pastor Tom Hughes.

March 30-31: Amir Tsarfati and Jan Markell spend the hour talking current events related to Bible prophecy.


April 6-7:  Jan features a variety of topics and guests including Chad Thomas, Todd HampsonJill Martin Rische, and Brad Brandon. How do we engage younger people in the issues of the day including eschatology? What about the forthcoming “Christian witch” convention? Can the delusion get any stronger?  What do we make of Tom Brady’s wife who is a self-proclaimed witch? Did she really help him win the Super Bowl?

April 13 – 14: Our guest for the hour is Michele Bachmann.