March 31 – April 1

Dr. David Reagan talks to Jan about the 13 “watchmen” Reagan feels God has appointed to warn America.

April 7-8

Jan and Eric Barger talk about a literal “home invasion” when it comes to technology. Nothing you have is private.

April 14-15

Jan and Eric Barger present part 2 of the “home invasion series.” You are being watched and listened to by today’s tech giants as they prepare the technology for the kingdom of the Antichrist.

April 21-22

Our guest for the hour is Pastor JD Farag. Jan and JD discuss current issues in light of Bible prophecy.

April 28-29

Jill Martin Rische reports on the “holocaust” in South Africa of white farmers. The church needs to get involved and stop this disaster. Many victims are Christians. Then former homosexual Stephen Bennett states that the church is the “final frontier” for the gay agenda–and the church is co-operating. Many once-solid denominations and congregations are embracing the homosexual/transgender agenda.


May 5-6:  Jan’s guest for the hour is Leo Hohmann – author of “Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest Through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad.”  America is making the same mistakes as Europe as it concerns immigration issues. What can we do?

May 12-13: Jan Markell and Eric Barger welcome Terry James for the hour. They discuss his new book “Deceivers.”