August 3-4: Jan spends the hour with Dr. Gary Frazier. Their topic is “Laodicean Lies” as they discuss deception in the church.

August 10-11: Our two guests are Jill Martin Rische discussing demonic harassment of believers, Enneagrams, and the supposed “Jezebel spirit.” Also David Fiorazo closes out the hour.

August 17-18: Jan’s guest for the hour is Dr. Mark Hitchcock. They discuss his new book on the Judgment Seat of Christ which awaits every believer and general Bible prophecy issues that are current.

August 24 – 25: Jan first talks to Dr. Ron Rhodes concerning his newest book on Mystery Babylon and then to Laurie Cardoza-Moore on varying topics.

August 31 – September 1: We spend the hour with prophecy teacher Amir Tsarfati.


September 7-8: Two of our conference speakers will be on air with Jan: Dr. Robert Jeffress and Pastor Jack Hibbs.