September 5-6: Our guest for the hour is Pastor J.D. Farag

September 12-13: Jan Markell spends the hour with Laura Perry, former transgender, and the mother of a transgender, Judy Glenney. How will you deal with this if it comes to your family and how is there victory in Jesus?

September 19-20: Jan’s guests include prophecy YouTuber Chad Thomas and host of “Stand Up for the Truth” David Fiorazo.

September 26-27: Jan Markell spends most of the hour with author Todd Hampson talking eschatology and other issues. We also play an extended clip of Pastor JD Farag and Jan closes with a short commentary.


October 3-4: We talk current events and eschatology with Dr. Ron Rhodes. What about the Abraham Accords? How is this event leading to the fulfillment of Bible prophecy? We also talk about his book, “40 Days Through Revelation.”

October 10-11: Jan’s guest for the hour is Michele Bachmann. 

October 17-18: One of Jan’s guests is globalist watcher Gary Kah. How has the rush to one world intensified in 2020?

October 24-25: Jan spends the hour with Pastor Jack Hibbs.