May 2-3: Jan talks again with Gary Kah about the “New World Order” and the possible role of Pope Francis.

May 9 -10: We air Pastor Jack Hibbs’ conference message from Understanding the Times 2019.

May 16-17: Amir Tsarfati is Jan’s guest for the hour.

May 23-24: Amir Tsarfati returns to do part 2 of our programming.

May 30-31:  Jan’s guests for the hour include Pastor Jack Hibbs and Pastor Mark Henry.  What are we to do with the new “tyranny in the name of safety”?


June 6-7: We play Jan’s updated DVD, “Hidden in Plain View: The New World Order in Bible Prophecy.”  The world has a renewed interest in globalism so you should probably understand it!

June 13-14: We air part 1 of a 2-part series with Pastor Billy Crone.

June 20-21: We play part 2 of our 2-part series with Pastor Crone.

June 27-28: Dr. Mark Hitchcock is our guest for the hour. We consider, among other issues, his new book: “Corona Crisis: Plagues, Pandemics and the Coming Apocalypse.”