December 31 – January 1 – 2:  We play the prophecy round table discussion from “Behold He Comes 2021.”  Pastor Jack Hibbs, Amir Tsarfati, Pastor Barry Stagner, and Jan Markell discuss church-related issues as well as general Bible prophecy issues.  We also play Michele Bachmann’s 25-minute message given at that conference.

January 7-8-9:  Jan Markell features Pastor Cary Gordon, one of the producers of the film “Enemies Within The Church.” There are no sacred cows in this film presentation.  The church has serious enemies in it today.  We carry this film and recommend it. Why has the Southern Baptist Convention been targeted for infiltration? What role do Tim Keller, Andy Stanley, and Russell Moore play?

January 14-15-16: Our guests include health expert Twila Brase on Covid-related issues and mandates.  Also attorney Marjorie Holsten relates the story of her mother’s demise in a local hospital — a story being repeated tens of thousands of times to Covid patients.  This is part one.

January 21-22-23: We present part two in our Covid series talking health and legal issues. Why do we have a two-tiered society now with the “unvaccinated” being a lesser class of people?  Jan’s guests, Twila Brace and Marjorie Holsten, return. Why does Dr. Peter McCullough say we have the biggest biological catastrophe in human history facing us?

January 28-29-30:  Financial guru Dan Celia talks finances. A cashless society is on the horizon, as is cryptocurrency and micro-chipping. The book of Revelation is coming to life. The hour is very late. How do we manage money in today’s uncertain society?