Are You Prepared for What’s Coming?

Published February 28, 2024
Ken Mikle and our guest for the week, Pastor Brandon Holthaus, consider the “woke” doctrine of demons that has entered the church and then ask if we are prepared for what’s coming in the weeks and months ahead?

He Gets Us: What’s Missing?

Published February 21, 2024
Our speaker representative Ken Mikle, and staff pastor, Josh Schwartz, help you understand the problems with the “He Gets Us” promotional video.  So much is missing from that presentation that was featured at the Super Bowl.  Learn to discern!

The Falling Away: Apostasy or Rapture?

Published February 14, 2024
Pastor Josh Schwartz and Lee Brainard examine the II Thessalonians 2 passage that references a falling away or an end-time apostasy. Is this literal apostasy or is this the Rapture? They theologically defend the traditional view that it refers to the raging apostasy in the church today!

Discerning the Times: Prophets for Today?

Published February 07, 2024
Our staff pastor, Josh Schwartz, and apologist Lee Brainard, examine the need for prophets today. Is there new revelation today? What is the difference between forthtelling and foretelling? Is the Bible the last ‘thus saith the Lord’?

No Crisis? We’ll Create One!

Published January 30, 2024
Pastor Mark Henry, Ken Mikle, and Pastor Josh Schwartz talk about the current agenda to make the world unstable in order to change our world and assist the globalists. Their full-time job is to create crises around the world so they can manage them and unite the world as one. They also look at the death of discernment.

We’re In the Middle of a Coup!

Published January 24, 2024
In this prophecy update, Ken Mikle and Pastor Josh Schwartz are joined by Pastor Mark Henry. They discuss current events including the coup being perpetrated by the world’s globalists on the free world. They are preparing the way for Satan’s kingdom.

Digital Dictatorships Coming!

Published January 17, 2024
Pastor Josh Schwartz and Ken Mikle look at many current event issues in light of the Bible and Bible prophecy.

Everything Is Lining Up!

Published January 12, 2024
As the Church Age winds down, all the necessary ingredients for the Antichrist kingdom are coming together! Ken Mikle and Pastor Josh Schwartz of Olive Tree Ministries look at the elements coming together here in the new year.

2024 – The Year That Changes Everything

Published January 05, 2024
Our rep Ken Mikle talks to Pastor Tom Hughes about the new year and what we might expect.

The “Times of the Jews: They’re Almost Here!”

Published December 29, 2023
Jan Markell, Pastor Josh Schwartz, and Ken Mikle, look at many current event issues in light of the Bible and Bible prophecy.