VIDEO: Globalism in the Midst of the Pandemic – Part 2 – Eric Barger

In Part Two of the series, Eric examines recent statements by billionaire, Globalist Bill Gates concerning the need for personal “Digital Certificates” allowing individuals to resume travel and commerce once COVID-19 passes. Also detailed here is a brand new Gates-funded vaccine delivery system – with profound prophetic implications. Those defending Gates and the Globalists, including many in the media, may not be concerned about the possibility of future vaccine distributions being made to citizens via military deployment – but you should be.

Know your rights or get swept up into government’s ‘massive’ contact-tracing ‘show your papers’ scheme – Leo Hohmann

Is your governor ramping up plans to recruit, train and unleash an “army” of government workers to intrude upon citizens’ medical, professional and personal privacy?  I’m talking about the contact tracers that many states are in the process of deploying, along with Orwellian phone-tracking apps that have been developed by Apple and Google.  

A Plague of Monsters

American Thinker

We’re seeing how the shadow of totalitarianism can darken even the sunniest landscape: paternalistic governors issue decrees and edicts to their benighted subjects, unelected bureaucrats handle enforcement, and millions of miserable human beings discover the giddy frisson of snitching on neighbors.