Evangelical leader Tony Perkins on Syria exit: ‘Bad decision’ may hurt Trump support


When CBN News “Faith Nation” host Jenna Browder asked whether he and other evangelicals have pressured the president to change course, Perkins responded that he wouldn’t characterize it that way.

“We’re advocating for what we believe to be the right policy,” he said. “Whether the president hears it or not, we’re going to speak it. I have to say, I was very encouraged not to be the only voice on this. Almost without exception, evangelical leaders and others have spoken out about this policy.”

The Mark of the Beast: Part III

Pete Garcia

Imagine your next trip to the supermarket.  You spend a couple of hours loading your cart up with goodies, you go to check out and your card is declined.  How do you feel?  Embarrassed? Angry?  Especially if you KNEW you had money in the bank.

So next, you excuse yourself real quick and run over to an ATM to withdraw some cash, but the same thing happens, no money and no service.  Now what?