Drumbeats Of Ezekiel 38 – Iran Dragging Middle East Into Dangerous Standoff

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Between the lines, Iran’s warning seems stark. If a strained economy causes instability at home, the Islamic Republic could prefer plunging the region into war in order to save itself, and in doing so rally Iranians around the flag.    The calculation behind such a move is that the Iranian regime would likely survive a U.S. air campaign, despite the massive damage it would incur. But it might not survive an uprising at home.

AUDIO & VIDEO: It’s Later Than You Think

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Jan Markell and Pastor Billy Crone make the case that because the Tribulation Temple is ready to be rebuilt, the hour is much later than people think. This is Antichrist’s temple. Crone reports that the Ark of the Covenant has been spotted underground. Hear this fascinating report. Find Crone’s DVD set in our store. Find our mobile app at OnePlace.com.

The Southern Baptist Evolution of a Resolution

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Pastor Stephen Feinstein of Sovereign Way Christian Church in the Southern California town of Hesperia heard a complaint from a church member whose child was enrolled in one of the supposedly conservative evangelical colleges in California. The parent’s complaint was that their child was coming home talking about “white privilege,” social justice, and something called “intersectionality.”