CDC pauses Johnson & Johnson injection citing ‘rare’ blood clots, but here’s what you’re not being told – Leo Hohmann

On the one hand, we’re told that at least some of the “emergency” vaccines rushed to market could cause blood clots and kill us. Even though these incidents are said to be “extremely rare,” the CDC intervened today and recommended a pause in the Johnson and Johnson injection. The AstraZeneca vaccine, you will recall, experienced the same fate for the exact same stated reason, blood clots, with 20 nations, mostly in Europe, hitting the pause button.

20 Top Signs in Eschatology – When These Things Begin to Happen

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Bible prophecy is converging and flying off the pages from the Bible! Just as a rosebush buds and blooms into a beautiful bunch of roses, such has been the budding of prophetic signs since the nation of Israel was reborn as a nation on May 14 1948 and the budding prophetic signs blossoming into a convergence that has us so eagerly awaiting Titus 2:13 anyday now!

Biological Men Flow Into Women Prisons

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In fact, he points out, “not a single ‘gender-based housing’ transfer request has been denied,” meaning that female prisoners and female correctional officers are living in a state of fear and frustration.  Over at the extremely leftist Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF), a group that normally wouldn’t side with conservatives, is appalled that the state isn’t putting women’s safety first.