Autocratic Gaslighting

In today’s society, truth is akin to beauty – it exists within the eye of the beholder. What once was foundational, beyond reproach, this day is measured on a sliding scale of subjective inference. Truth is the proverbial glue that holds nations together, without truth, the concrete foundation of civil discourse is reduced to shifting sand.

Grocery Prices Could Rise 10 to 14 Percent By October, Grocery Chain CEO Warns

Prophecy News Watch

American families are already struggling amid mounting price inflation that’s eating away at their budgets, with higher costs for housing, vehicles, and more. Yet a top CEO is warning that the growing inflation problem facing Americans could get much worse in the coming months.
The latest June data already show price inflation at a 13-year high, with prices having risen 5.4 percent year-over-year. Proponents of the big-government policies driving much of this increase insist the uptick in prices is only temporary. 


Daymond Duck – Rapture Ready

God always warned the Jews before His judgments fell. We are watching the development of events that were prophesied 2,000-2,500 years ago.  Some prophecy teachers believe these developing events are warnings that His judgment will soon fall.   Here are some examples: