These 11 Companies Control Everything You Buy

Zero Hedge

So, how much of “choice” is really controlled by big business, and how well do Americans understand which corporations have a stake in the goods and services they rely on every day? To find out, we took an in-depth look at the major companies that own a majority of America’s food and consumer goods. Then, we surveyed 3,000 Americans about their understanding of which big businesses own which major brands. Check out our full visual below, or skip ahead to see our survey findings.

Et tu Tucker?

Canada Free Press

One of the most popular hosts is Tucker Carlson, who replaced Bill O’Reilly at the 7 p.m. Central time slot weekdays. His program is a breath of fresh air, offering topics rarely covered on other programs. Carlson is also a conservative and an advocate for the forgotten middle class. He spends plenty of time on his program focusing on the crucial issue of illegal immigration. Overall, he is doing a tremendous service to the American people with a thought-provoking show.

Unfortunately, in an interview with the Swiss weekly “Die Weltwoche,” Carlson took some gratuitous shots at President Trump.  He said the President was “not capable,” and pointed to his lack of success in defunding Planned Parenthood, repealing Obamacare and building a border wall.