Beast System Rising – Leo Hohmann

According to multiple reports, Bill Gates is invested in artificial lab-grown eggs and has been since before the current egg shortage hit. No surprise there.   Gates is also heavily invested in U.S. farmland and lab-grown meat. He’s the single largest owner of farmland in America. He hasn’t ever explained exactly why he wants to possess all this farmland but we can assume it has something to do with making money, for that’s what Bill Gates does best. 

We Are in a Battle – Todd Hampson

Even though we didn’t sign up for it, you and I are caught in the middle of a spiritual battle whether we realize it or not! The age-old war in the unseen realm has profound effects on the world in which we live. From individual struggles with sin and addiction to international geopolitical subterfuge, to covert planning by high-powered figures influenced by the occult—there is a prolific and direct war being waged all around us. We are in enemy territory.

A Christian Group Stands with the Jewish State Against its Enemies.

 In short, the blessings we experience as a Christian come through Israel; past, present, and future. By God’s grace, we benefit from the covenant promises God made to Israel. In Genesis 12, God promised to bless the families of the world through Abraham’s seed, the Jewish people. We are indebted to Israel for the understanding of the one-true God, the written record of God’s word to man, and our Savior, who is Jewish.