NCAA ‘Unequivocally’ Supports Transgender Athletes Competing With Their Identified Sexes


As women around the country continue to fight to protect their spaces, the NCAA announced this week it stands “unequivocally” with transgender athletes competing on the teams that correspond to the sexes with which they identify, meaning a trans-identified female, a biological male, should be free to compete alongside biological females.

Tourists will be allowed back to the Holy Land – but only if vaccinated against COVID

Joel Rosenberg’s All Israel News

“According to the outline, a limited number of groups will start to arrive on 23 May,” the ministries of tourism and health said in a joint statement. “The number will be increased based on the health situation and progress of the program. Individual travelers will be allowed into Israel in the second stage, with health considerations determining the timeline.”

Minnesota provides proof that the Second Amendment matters

American Thinker

With the latest riots out of Brooklyn Center, a suburb of Minneapolis, we’re once again seeing the power of guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens. The images show maddened mobs destroying store windows and, once inside, either looting the stores or simply engaging in wanton destruction. The only exceptions are those stores that have armed owners standing guard.