Markell: Why Many Churches Today Can Never Understand the Times

Amillennialism — Tragically, almost all major denominations embrace this today. The Millennium is not literal, in spite of the fact that Revelation 20 says it is a thousand years multiple times. It’s not that they deny a Millennium; rather, they don’t believe it is literal. They believe that Jesus is sitting on the Throne of David in heaven, and that this present Church Age is the kingdom referred to, over which Christ reigns.

What on Earth is Going On?

Even the secular, unbelieving world is stunned at all that is happening in our collapsing world. Most have no explanation for it. Some offer weak explanations that, to the tuned-in and spiritually astute, are laughable.  Even once-sound pulpits remain silent and perplexed. Political commentators suggest that if we just elect their candidate, all will be rosy again someday soon. 

Just What Is a Remnant Believer?

You have heard of the word “remnant.” Some people are called “remnant believers.” There are “remnant churches.” Perhaps you know of some or attend one. I often say that I do “radio for the remnant.”

  The most frequent e-mail I get is from people who make up the “remnant”. But what is that? I write about this often and even do radio about it as I’m trying to understand the phenomenon. Here are a couple of e-mails.