Uncertain Times? Not At All!

People of faith are in the bulls-eye so to speak!
Churches are inconvenient. The remnant of true believers is growing smaller while the Laodicea churches are mushrooming! Many churches have not even re-opened yet, and some are saying they won’t until 2021!
Many don’t even know how to think about the future much less plan for it. People write about “uncertainty”. Will things get worse? Probably. How can we plan ahead if the turmoil is going to continue?

The Top Ten Bible Prophecy Stories of 2020

1)  The Decline of America. There is really no end-time power in the Bible other than a Revived Roman Empire from which the Antichrist will headquarter. Thus, prophecy watchers have always known America must decline. This year we have watched capitalism come under attack and socialism and globalism be heralded. Some progressive but deluded political leaders are even hailing Marxism, including many on the Biden team.

I Never Thought I Would See the Day

Why are we surprised? What did you expect? Yes, our days get more bizarre almost every hour but these are the predicted last days. Did you think they would be a piece of cake? A walk in the park? Just like a sunny day at the beach? Think again.

Frankly, I think we’re in the calm before the storm!

So here’s my new list of things I never thought I would live to see.