The Blessed Hope: The Scoffers Are Gaining Too Much Territory And Too Many Followers

I am revisiting an article I wrote in 2018 which is even more pertinent today. I asked back then, haven’t we waited long enough for Christ’s return? Five years later, I am still weary of this groaning planet, of the sick antics of today’s Left, of watching disturbing events from around the world, and of scoffers who mock my beliefs as though I’m an outdated Neanderthal.

The Spirit of Antichrist Inspires Glorification of Darkness

This is a disheartening article to write, to be honest. We see darkness rising, yet we are called to be salt and light to a decaying world—even if the world pushes back. Let’s try to counter the enemy wherever we see his presence.

The world is imploding as we trend toward the Tribulation. The devil is trying to strengthen his grip on the world, the church, and on billions of people. Still, to see people literally worshipping the dark side takes one’s breath away.

The Grammys Lead the Way