Much More LGBTQ TV On the Way

By David Fiorazo

Like it or not, if you watch TV, get ready for more gay! A study ‘came out’ – pun intended – a year ago showing a rapidly increasing trend: record numbers of LGBT characters on television, particularly on prime-time, and more LGBT characters in leading roles.

They’ve been working on this for decades, but the agenda to normalize homosexuality goes back to the 1970s. And they won’t stop until the American public not only accepts and approves of their lifestyles, but celebrates them.


Bibi’s Nine Lives

Rapture Ready

What a weird, weird time in Israeli politics. With lethal threats on every border, the Knesset appears to be unstable, in that two elections cannot separate one candidate from the others for a full mandate as prime minister. Benjamin Netanyahu, now in office for a staggering 10 years, is perhaps the “victim” of a media machine so vicious, they make their American counterparts look like Donald Trump’s pr machine.