Orthodox Rabbis Confirming End-Times Prophecy? – Olivier Melnick

Could it be that these honorable Jewish men from all around the world are setting the stage for the coming of the 144,000 Jewish men who will play a key role in sharing the message of salvation during the Great Tribulation (Revelation 7)? Without setting dates but looking at work events through the lens of end-times prophecies, it is entirely possible that some of them might even be . . . . 

Ominous Omnibus

Rapture Ready – Bill Wilson

Congress handed Americans a virtual lump of debt-ridden black hole spending coal for Christmas. The Omnibus spending bill consists of 4,155 pages of pork, costing taxpayers a whopping $1.7 TRILLION dollars. This bill is so massive that no one has the time to even read it before its passage. Opponents of the bill say it is jam-packed with wokism and Democratic pet pork projects. 


The End of 2022 – Hal Lindsey

In 2022, deception ruled the day. Trust in government, educational institutions, and the news media had been largely obliterated. Trust in health officials and doctors had become severely damaged. In such an environment, many found it increasingly difficult to maintain friendships. Even families had begun to crumble. When deception rules, relationships die, and loneliness begins to blanket lives.