Family learns unforgettable lesson when electric vehicle battery suddenly dies, replacement costs more than the car

The Blaze

Weeks after learning a battery replacement costs more than the car itself, Ray Siwinski learned owners of the electric Ford Focus cannot even buy replacement batteries. Ford discontinued production of the vehicle several years ago.  “Then we found out the batteries aren’t even available,” he told WTSP. “So it didn’t matter.

The Bottomless Pit – Bill Perkins

Paradise was the good side of the Bottomless Pit—it was basically a slice of heaven where all the saved people who died prior to the cross waited until they could go to the 3rd heaven.  No human can enter heaven without having atonement for their sins, so saved people before the cross had to wait in “Paradise” until the Messiah came to redeem them.

Another Hit To Food Production As Water Resources Drying Up Across The Country

Prophecy News Watch

Despite all of our advanced technology, those living in the Southwest continue to be extremely dependent on a handful of critically important water sources, and if those water sources get so low that they cannot be used we are going to have a major crisis on our hands.
The National Park Service says that Death Valley is the hottest and driest place in North America, but the truth is that vast stretches of the Southwest are now starting to resemble Death Valley.