Trump Administration Sends ‘Urgent’ Request To States To Have Vaccine Distribution Sites Ready By Nov. 1

Daily Wire

The Trump administration is pushing all states to work “urgently” to eliminate hurdles so that COVID-19 vaccine distribution sites can be up and running by Nov. 1.  Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), sent a letter last week to all governors making the urgent request, according to McClatchy. 

Good riddance to the ‘Summer of Love’ – but what’s next?


There are some parts of this country that I don’t even recognize anymore – that changed this summer. Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Kenosha, New York City. The Marxists in the streets have turned some parts of America into the wild, wild West. There are reported to be at least 30 dead in violence – 14 of them cops. Sean Hannity said (Aug. 28) that 3,000 policemen have been injured in the recent riots.

School Corruption & Propaganda Calendar

Mission America

Many schools allow or even celebrate these discriminatory, unhealthy messages on certain days and weeks during the academic calendar. Your children in online classes or public (and some private) schools will usually have no choice except to endure rainbow posters, library displays, cafeteria tables, special speakers/assemblies, classroom lessons and school announcements promoting the following events. See list below.