Leftists Defend Those Who Won’t Allow Conservative Parents to See Them – Dennis Prager


 “Dennis, this is so timely. Things were bad enough between me and my two daughters, first after I volunteered for the Tea Party and then when I supported Trump. Then my daughter and her husband — who was raised by Leftists working for the federal government — had a baby. She wrote me a farewell email saying she never wanted any contact with me again. . . . 

The sudden decline in birth rates post-vaccination — and the shocking silence

Conservative Review

In 2010, Bill Gates famously articulated a four-part equation to reducing the world’s carbon output. Seemingly bizarrely, his first component was reducing the population — through vaccination. “The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about nine billion,” bemoaned Gates in his now infamous TED Talk.

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Jan Markell welcomes Dr. Ed Hindson this hour. Ed looks at seven significant events that are a herald of His coming today. We hope this hour is encouraging as we watch the signs of the times intensify since Israel’s re-birth in 1948. He is coming soon. We are honoring Ed Hindson this hour.