Apostate Presbyterian Church USA Passes Resolution Falsely Accusing Israel of ‘Apartheid’

Harbinger’s Daily

Markell further warned that the disturbing trend of “churches” attacking Israel is a clear demonstration of the apostasy the apostle Paul warned would occur in the time prior to Jesus’ Return.

“These are the very denominations that believe in ‘Replacement Theology’—that the Church is the new Israel. Modern-day Israel has no more relevance than the Canary Islands. When you embrace this false teaching, you also end up with ‘replacement reality'”. . . . 

Globalist’s Cannot Thwart God’s Plan To Give The Nations To Jesus As An Inheritance – Jonathan Brentner

Harbinger’s Daily

Today, we see Satan busily preparing the world for the arrival of his man, the antichrist. The globalists are far along in their plans to implement a New World Order. Because they remain confident of their ultimate success, they recently announced that they are speeding up their timetable for the United Nation’s Agenda 2030, which is a Marxist world government.

Why Are We Still Here?

Rapture Ready

This is a question I have pondered frequently myself, and I have no doubt that many followers of Christ are pondering this question as well.  Based on my reading of articles and emails, there is a considerable number of believers speculating that, based on the present circumstances, the time of the Rapture of the church must indeed be very close. I would be hard-pressed to deny that even if I wanted to.

To their credit, none have attempted any sort of date setting.