Farmer predicts worse food shortages, higher prices in 2023 amid inflation, drought, interests rate hikes


Drought, supply chain shortages and the rising cost of doing business led to a difficult 2022 for American farmers, but 2023 could be even worse, a fourth-generation dairy farmer said. 

“I definitely think we have a food security threat,” Stephanie Nash, a Tennessee farmer and agriculture advocate told Fox News. “I believe 2023 is going to be rough. Worse than this year.”

Healing the lame, bringing sight to the blind? Elon Musk’s ambitions for Neuralink raise ‘deep, serious’ questions

Christian Post

But despite that resume, it’s Neuralink, Musk’s medical device company, that has perhaps aroused the greatest interest — and suspicion — from both Christian and secular ethicists alike.   In 2019, Neuralink used “sewing machine-like technology … to drill small holes into brains and insert super-slender electrodes called threads, steering clear of blood vessels as they go.”