Good News Club: After school satanic clubs are a ‘direct attack on teaching Christianity to children’

Christian Post

And while CEF has taken its Good News Club and other ministries to thousands of schools across the United States since its founding in 1937, another club — with an entirely different mission — has seemingly pushed its way into the headlines in recent years: the After School Satan Club sponsored by The Satanic Temple (TST).

After Christmas cold spell, time for red states to wake up from green energy scam

Conservative Review

This was the coldest Christmas in a half-century in much of the U.S., with many localities setting records, including those not accustomed to the cold like Tallahassee, Florida. Many of us are disgusted at those limiting our natural energy in favor of novel, ineffective energy, thereby causing a doubling or even tripling of home heating bills.

Study: Young Men More Likely To Be Shot Dead In Most Dangerous Parts Of Chicago And Philadelphia Than Afghanistan, Iraq

Gateway Pundit

In a study published by the JAMA Network, researchers at Brown University and the University of Pennsylvania found that young, military-aged males from “zip codes with the most violence in Chicago and Philadelphia had a notably higher risk of firearm-related death than US military personnel who served during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.”

Days Of Noah: The Entire World Is Shaking Its Fist At God

Tim Moore – Harbinger’s Daily

And yet, in our day, we have come to find ourselves living in the days of Noah in terms of an immoral world and degraded society. People are rejecting God as Creator saying there’s no outside entity that created all of the known universe. They are rejecting man as being special and apart from all of the animal kingdom. Too many times today we hear people claim that man is just an animal. They deny that mankind has been made in the image of God.

Leftists Defend Those Who Won’t Allow Conservative Parents to See Them – Dennis Prager


 “Dennis, this is so timely. Things were bad enough between me and my two daughters, first after I volunteered for the Tea Party and then when I supported Trump. Then my daughter and her husband — who was raised by Leftists working for the federal government — had a baby. She wrote me a farewell email saying she never wanted any contact with me again. . . .