Son of Minnesota’s attorney general: ‘I hereby declare, officially, my support for ANTIFA’

Fox News

The son of Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison tweeted on Sunday that he is declaring his support for Antifa after President Trump said that his administration would be declaring it a “Terrorist Organization. Jeremiah Ellison, who is a member of the Minneapolis City Council, noted in the tweet that he believes “white power” terrorists are actually the ones engaging in the looting, arson. . . . .

Your ‘Immunity Passport’ Future Begins – Airlines Call For Digital ID Tracking

Prophecy News Watch

“We foresee the need to collect more detailed passenger contact information which can be used for tracing purposes,” the report states. “Where possible, the data should be collected in electronic form, and in advance of the passenger arriving at the airport including through eVisa and electronic travel authorization platforms.”

This Is A Full Societal Breakdown

Zero Hedge

Presently, the economy and financial system is in grave trouble.  This is not a cyclical depression, despite what Krugman says.  This is a full societal breakdown.  And the authorities can’t stop it.  Not since Nero clipped coins in 64 A.D. and fiddled as Rome burned has there been such an intolerable collection of lowlifes in imperial office.  No plans are off limit: Mass surveillance.  Permanent wars.  Market intervention.  Trade wars.  Greater government control.  You name it.

Minnesota Governor’s Daughter Hope Walz Was Tweeting Out Intel to Violent Looters and Rioters

The Gateway Pundit

But there is more to this story.  Similar tweets supporting the rioters were being tweeted by Minnesota Democrat Governor Tim Walz’s daughter – Hope Walz.  She later deleted her account.  This appears to be how Democrats and Islamists are communicating instructions regarding the riots – through their children!