6-foot, 5-inch male wins girls’ running event, named ‘Woman of the Week’

By Tony Perkins

Two years ago, Jonathan Eastwood “dominated” the men’s competition. In 2019, he’s dominating something else: the women’s field. Jonathan, who now goes by “June,” “finished second in a field of 204 runners at the Santa Clara Bronco Invitational” and “helped the University of Montana finish seventh as a team.” For that, school officials decided, he’s been named the “Women’s Cross-Country Athlete of the Week,” edging out eight other actual females for the title.


Changing Times & the Remnant Believer

By Chad Thomas – Harbinger’s Daily

Millions of believers worldwide (myself included) are currently dealing with family members, friends, and even our own spouses that want nothing to do with Bible Prophecy and don’t want anything to do with the name of Jesus Christ. As we are witnessing the changing times and the end of the dispensation of the Church Age, it seems those closest to us are pushing further away from the truth of Jesus Christ and getting sucked in more to the treasures, temptations, and pleasures of this world.

Crisis in evangelicalism?


But evangelical apologist Dr. Alex McFarland says those voices are over-amplified because they are leaders.  “I don’t think the divide is nearly as significant as people think it is and as some of the news media would want it to be,” he submits. “Those people that recognize the Bible as authority and those people that love this nation don’t have a struggle figuring out for whom to vote.”