Jared Kushner to Found ‘Abraham Accords Institute for Peace’ To Build on Deal

Harbinger’s Daily

Jared Kushner, a senior advisor under former President Donald Trump’s administration, will launch a new peace initiative to build on the success of the normalization of ties between Israel and some of its Arab and Muslim neighbors.  He is founding the “Abraham Accords Institute for Peace,” to work on deepening agreements Israel reached last year. . . . 

Biden Administration Won’t Allow National Day Of Prayer To Be Held At US Capitol This Year

Christianity Today

“It is deeply troubling for the first time in 70 years, there will not be a public prayer service at the United States Capitol Building on the National Day of Prayer,” he said. “Every American needs to be asking the question, ‘How is it possible to have public prayer prohibited at the Capitol on the National Day of Prayer?’-especially when it is a national observance designated by Congress.”

World’s Top ‘Abnormals’ To Usher In ‘New Norm’ At Vatican ‘Health’ Conference

Canada Free Press

Some of the world’s top ‘abnormals’ will try to dump ‘The New Norm’ on society at tomorrow’s 3-day Vatican Health Conference—their sacrilegious live-streamed version of The Last Supper.

Who could take seriously a Vatican-sponsored “Health” Conference that focuses more on the human body than the human soul—touted with Creation symbology depicting Michelangelo’s fresco of Creation on the Sistine Chapel ceiling, in which the hand of God the Father reaches out towards the hand of Adam, but with both hands covered by disposable surgical gloves?!

NASA Impact Simulation Shows Dangers Of Bible’s Wormwood Prophecy

Prophecy News Watch

A week-long exercise held by Nasa this week has concluded that a catastrophic event with an asteroid would be unavoidable, even given six months to prepare.  The hypothetical impact scenario, which took place during a planetary defense conference hosted by the United Nations, confirmed that there is no current technology on earth that could stop an Asteroid if we knew in advance it was projected to hit the earth.