Amazon, Netflix, Twitter: ‘Dirty Dozen List’ names 12 businesses profiting off sexual exploitation during pandemic

Christian Post

“The Dirty Dozen list is comprised of corporations, brands, organizations, and institutions that you likely know. Ones that you and I are probably using on a weekly if not daily basis,” said Nealon.   “They exert enormous influence and power politically, economically, socially, and culturally. And while many of them provide us with products that we love, entertainment, and ways of communicating, they are also perpetuating and enabling violence and harm.”

Biden Gets Lost Again Giving a Speech: ‘What am I Doing Here?’

American Thinker

A sad spectacle of elder abuse, done in the name of power for left-wing Democrats, is unfolding almost daily, as the cognitive impairment of Joseph Robinette Biden, the 46th President of the United States, becomes impossible to hide. Yesterday, in a belated visit to Texas, he stumbled through a script written for him, butchering names of prominent local politicians, unable to speak coherently, and finally asking, “What am I doing here?” in frustration.