Pious Prevarication – Terry James

It seems that Ms. Pelosi’s great concern for the children goes only so far into the political ether. It dissipates somewhere shortly after such declarations are made that everything they do must protect the children now and for the future. More than seventy million children have been murdered—most for the sake of sexual convenience. OOPS!—A major disconnect of what Ms. Pelosi and her party’s rulership claim from what God’s Word demands.

Covid-19 Fear-Grooming for Revelation :: By Bill Wilson

Rapture Ready

Ministry sources in Australia report the government has dictated a “no jab, no job” policy, with a $21,000 fine for individuals and a $110,000 fine for a church or business. Shopping or eating out without being vaccinated is banned. The vaccinated must use an app to check in wherever they go so the government can track movement, purchases and spending. Churches and businesses are to report violations. Parliamentarians who are not vaccinated are prohibited from voting, effectively removing dissent.