Could a Roman Pontiff Become the Antichrist?

Rapture Ready

There are those in Christian circles – who are keeping an eye on current events as they further develop and start to line up prophetically with conditions foretold to occur before the second coming of Christ – who are suggesting that the current pope, Francis, is acting more and more like the coming third person of the unholy trinity, the False Prophet, more so than any other possible candidate presently in the world.

They Will Come For Your Text Messages – Fact Checkers Coming To A Phone Near You

Prophecy News Watch

Secondly, and more important than turning the dial on the incompetent fact checkers to “11” is the fact that Politico just admitted the government will be monitoring your text messages via cellphone carriers.  In the last year and a half, we have gone from “15 days to flatten the curve” to a complete technocratic police state that has merged with social media to silence anyone critical of government policy, pro-informed consent, and hesitant of taking a vaccine that was rushed to market and approved in an unprecedented amount of time.

DHS Secretary: People Fleeing Persecution in Cuba or Haiti Won’t Be Allowed Into US

Western Journalism

U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas warned Cubans and Haitians on Tuesday that the Biden administration will throw out anyone who attempts to come to the United States by sea.  The statement comes from a Biden administration that claimed it “stand[s] with the Cuban people as they bravely assert their fundamental and universal rights. . . 

Biden Turns to Coercion and Spying to Boost Vaccination Rates


And so, the White House is moving to the coercion and spying phase of their vaccination rollout. This appears to be their four-part plan, and it’s not pretty…

  1. Get the FDA to approve the vaccine officially.
  2. Send government emissaries door-to-door to have a talk with the unvaccinated.
  3. Push for schools and businesses to mandate vaccinations.
  4. Fact check our text messages, which is spying.