Tony Perkins: ‘Heaven Is Not Shaken’

Harbinger’s Daily

“I know that there’s a sense [of devastation],” Jack empathized. “I saw a man walking down the street this afternoon, well into his 70s, carrying an American flag by himself. And he was crying. And I don’t know what that man was thinking, but it gripped my heart. And what I want to say is: there’s hope. There’s hope because Jesus Christ is on his throne.

Be angry about what’s happening, believers – but sin not


Markell adds that with the agenda and policies being put forth by Democrats in Washington, it’s entirely possible that “evil is going to reign forever.   … And that’s a very terrifying thought in the natural,” she continues. “But with an End Times perspective, I think it’s just setting the stage for the antichrist. I think the antichrist is waiting in the wings.”

The Republic, God and You

Bill Wilson – Rapture Ready

I have written for a long time that the condition of our nation reflects the condition of the “church.” So long as the “church” in general is focused on extra-biblical, emotional and self-indulgent feel-good religion, this nation and the world for that matter, will continue on its path into darkness.