Democracy Challenged – Hal Lindsey

But they’re missing the big picture.  Democracy is beginning to unravel.  There are dozens of threats to representative government around the world.  Perhaps the biggest is that the world’s elites have, for the most part, lost confidence in the voting public.  The “great unwashed” voted Britain out of the European Union, and that may have been the last straw for the elites.

The Signs Scream with Both Peril and Hope

Jonathan Brentner – Rapture Ready

If the Christ-rejecting world were to be granted a glimpse into what is coming for them during the tribulation, their faces would resemble the scene Edward Munch painted. For now, they remain oblivious to the signs of their impending peril we know as the Day of the Lord.

They cannot see how the signs of the approaching tribulation scream for all to see. Instead, they see their lives continuing for the indefinite future with the hope of future generations.