Loosening Our Grip on This World

Jonathan Brentner – Rapture Ready

Especially during the past five years, I have watched for Jesus’ appearing with much eagerness. The Lord has already used affliction and suffering in my life to loosen my grip on many things in this world. However, this year has brought new meaning in regard to letting go of things in my life, and it has not been easy for me.

Civil war is here: But is Trump ready to engage Obama’s street fighters? – Leo Hohmann

We are a nation at the precipice of destruction.  Hard-core communists, not old-fashioned liberals, have infiltrated the government at all levels and have allied themselves with hardcore Islamists. These traitors, many working in governor’s mansions, state AG’s offices and big-city mayors’ offices, are facilitating the destroyers on the ground in cities like Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, New York, Chicago and Atlanta.