This Is What Social Media Is Doing To Us

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When Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and other major social media platforms first emerged, we welcomed them with open arms.  They were a lot of fun and they allowed us to interact with family, friends and society as a whole in ways that we had never been able to do before.  
But they were also extremely addictive, and they rapidly became transformed into dumping grounds for just about everything toxic, negative and malevolent that you can possibly imagine.

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Benny Hinn’s nephew ‘encouraged’ by uncle’s rejection of prosperity gospel, calls for ‘genuine repentance’

Christian Post

Costi Hinn, the nephew of famed televangelist Benny Hinn, said he’s “encouraged” by his uncle’s recent rejection of the prosperity gospel, but called for “undeniable, lasting fruit that exemplifies genuine repentance.”

Serving as a pastor, Costi Hinn rejected the “health and wealth” theology presented by his “Uncle Benny” after working alongside him for years.

AUDIO & VIDEO: Countering Strong Delusion


Jan first talks to Amir Tsarfati about end-time issues. He speaks at her September 21 conference. Then she, Eric Barger, and Jill Martin Rische, examine the Presidential candidacy of Marianne Williamson. What could be in the mind of a blatant New Ager in her aspirations for the world’s highest office? Both the world and the church seem caught up in last days’ strong delusion. Find our mobile app at