Trump reverses Obama-UN treachery on West Bank and East Jerusalem

Canada Free Press

Trump has also put the Arab States on notice that America stands strong in its continuing support for Israel and its claims to sovereignty in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The sooner the Arab States understand this change in America’ position post-Obama—the sooner Trump’ yet to be released “deal of the century”has a chance of succeeding.

Principalities Of Darkness

Bill Wilson – Rapture Ready

Knight reports that West, in her book “The Red Thread,” documents that Brennan and Comey were communists. West documents Brennan’s September 16, 2016 “admission of voting for the Communist Party USA ticket in 1976” during testimony before the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation.

Knight reports that Comey admitted identifying as a Communist when he was a young man, and “still reveres Marxist theologian Reinhold Niebuhr as his spiritual lodestar.”