South Dakota Tribal Leader On Mt. Rushmore: Remove It, But Don’t Blow It Up

Daily Wire

But on Thursday, USA Today quoted that a tribal leader of the Sioux nation saying that although Mt. Rushmore should not be blown up, it should be removed.

Oglala Sioux President Julian Bear Runner, who expressed his disapproval of President Trump’s visit next week to the Black Hills of South Dakota, stated of Mt. Rushmore, “I don’t believe it should be blown up, because it would cause more damage to the land”. . . . 

Virginia Charging Huge Fines For Churches, Ministries For Their Beliefs

On July 1, churches, Christian schools, and other religious ministries with theologically orthodox views on marriage will no longer be welcome in Virginia.

And if you are among those operating a ministry in accordance with your religious beliefs about marriage and human sexuality, the state has declared a sort-of legal “open season” on you. The first offense comes with a fine of up to $50,000. Subsequent offenses come with fines of up to $100,000!