Surviving In A World Gone Mad

Canada Free Press

It starts with refusing to be duped by governments, their bureaucracies and the media.  A virus, hyped as a pandemic—with a 99 percent recovery rate—isn’t going to kill off the world—no matter what ‘scientists’ a la Dr. Anthony Fauci predict. Fauci, his pal Bill Gates and their ilk need to spray lots of Windex on their smoggy crystal balls.

Fighting Back: Mike Lindell Launches “MyStore” To Compete With Amazon

Gateway Pundit

“For years entrepreneurs and inventors have come to me with products and ideas. They don’t know how to market them, and I haven’t had the time to show them,” Lindell said in a video on the site.

“I am going to put vetted products from great entrepreneurs on here, like you see a sampling of them here today, that are going to change this country,” he continued.

The LGBTs are coming for your kids — and they’re not hiding it

American Thinker

 To leftists, though, saying that aloud is “homophobia,” so the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus created what they seem to think is an “enlightened” video about their “coming for your children.”   Tim Rosser and Charlie Sohne composed the song, which is really, really bad.  Musically, it’s uninspired, and lyrically, it’s creepy.