The Fall Of The Boy Scouts – Lessons For The Church – Tony Perkins

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It’s one of the saddest, most predictable “I-told-you-so” moments of our generation. The Boy Scouts, where future moon walkers and presidents learned the virtues and value of leadership, has finally collapsed. 
Turns out, the decade of compromise hasn’t been kind to the Scouts, who turned in their moral compass seven years ago to chase the approval of critics it could never win. Now, deep into the BSA’s self-imposed identity crisis, the group is filing for bankruptcy — an unhappy ending we all warned was coming.

Presbyterian or Reformed, Methodist, Lutheran and Other Mainline Protestant Pastors are the Main Protestant Support for Same-Sex “Marriage”

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Presbyterian or Reformed (49%), Methodist (47%), Lutheran (35%) and other traditional Protestant pastors answered to LifeWay’s survey that they see nothing wrong with same-sex “marriage.” In comparison, only 3% of Baptists and 1% of Pentecostals have the same liberal view.

Rush Limbaugh makes stunning announcement about prayer he’s received


“I can’t respond to all of it. I’m starting to feel guilty about it. Because so many people are sending me — people that I haven’t heard from in, I don’t know how long, and finding a way to reach me, finding a way to get through to me, and I’m reading these notes, and it’s so voluminous, I can’t respond to it all. I try, but I lose ground so quickly,” he continued.