How To Start A Civil War

Canada Free Press

The Democrats, after 160 years, have once again resolved that they will not accept the election of a president decided by a legal and Constitutional process. Their crusade to oust our president started in 2016 and will probably climax in 2020. This time they will not accept separation, only control…a true civil war!


Where We Aren’t

By Pete Garcia

From the first century until 20th, there wasn’t a whole lot of movement going on in God’s prophetic, long-range calendar.  Similar to the ‘silent years’ between the Old Testament and the New, we had been in an extended ‘silent period’ since Jerusalem fell to the Romans in AD70.  During that time, kingdoms and empires came and went, Christianity waxed and waned across the world, and technology finally liberated man from being limited to the speed of horse. But in regards to where we were on God’s calendar, no one really knew where that was exactly, that is, until 1948.

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