10 ways the GOP sold you out in the omnibus spending bill

Conservative Review

Don’t be fooled: This bill isn’t OK just because Republicans could have crammed even moreDemocratic priorities into it, but didn’t. Now that items such as the internet sales tax, official legislative amnesty for “Dreamers,” and the insurance bailout have been left out of the bill, some might consider this bill a victory. It isn’t. It’s a colossal betrayal.

The Love/Hatred Dynamos – Terry James

There has been developing for millennia, I believe, a diabolical engine–a dynamo–that generates destructive supernatural energy that will one day–perhaps very soon–bring all mankind to the brink of extinction. I call it a dynamo because it is an unseen, but powerful, entity-machine that produces a vortex of hate-filled turmoil whose resultant carnage is in every direction one looks on today’s end-times landscape. It is a luciferically spawned instrumentality we are given insight into within the Ephesians chapter 6 exhortation.

How Israel Preempted A Nuclear Nightmare.

Prophecy News Watch

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) also released newly declassified video footage of the attack—known as Operation Orchard—as well as photographs and intelligence documents detailing the bombing and the planning of the mission, which used almost 20 tons of munitions.

Israel claimed that the reactor was being built with the help of North Korea and was only months away from activation. It kept the strikes a secret to avoid Syrian retaliation and possible escalation into a regional war.