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February 4-5: Mike LeMay talks to Jan and Eric about the new religion in America: Humanism. How did we get here and how are evangelicals contributing?

February 11-12: We play Anne Graham Lotz's conference message from "Understanding the Times 2016" back on October 15.

February 18-19: Gary Kah is one of our guests. What are the globalists going to do about Donald Trump?

February 25-26: Author Leo Hohman blows the whistle on Islamic immigration into America. What can be done about this national disaster?


March 4-5:  Pastor J.D. Farag and Amir Tsarfati are Jan's guests for the hour.

March 11-12: James B. DeYoung joins Jan and Eric to tackle the movie "The Shack." He is author of "Burning Down the Shack."

March 18-19: Pastor Billy Crone is in studio with Jan Markell.

March 25-26: Michele Bachmann is our guest for the hour.












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