The Millennium and Pre-millennialism

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Amillennialists explain this away by saying the Book of Revelation is allegory.  They say one thousand years means a long period of time, not one thousand years.

So, one difference between Millennialists and Amillennialists is that Millennialists believe in a thousand-year reign of Christ, and Amillennialists don’t believe it.

The Bible supports the Millennialist view, and there is nothing in the Bible to support the Amillennialist view …..







Don’t Think the Turks Are Slaughtering the Kurds?

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In addition to the Kurds, the lives of close to 100,000 Christians in the region are also in danger.  Meanwhile, President Trump’s pullout of the American troops in the region — which facilitated the invasion by Turkey — remains a subject of controversy. Trump stated that he would retaliate economically if Turkey crossed the line with the invasion.