Anti-Christian Joy Behar gets surprise from 30,000 angry viewers who call network


The campaign appears to be gaining momentum because, as of Wednesday morning, ABC received over 30,000 calls from angry viewers, Fox News reported.  However, that’s not all. Disgruntled viewers also contacted the show’s advertisers, including Oreo, Home Advisor and Clorox. As noted by the MRC, the number of calls to advertisers has soared to over 6,000.

Franklin Graham: Christianity Today ‘in Step’ with Pelosi, Leftist Agenda — Editorial Used to ‘Divide’ Evangelicals


“This magazine — this left-leaning magazine, my father did start 60 years ago but is so far removed now from what my father founded the magazine to be,” Graham said. “And for them to say the president should be removed when he has done more for Christians and evangelicals than any president in my lifetime, I just find it to be crazy. The man’s just lost his mind.”